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Show off your WORD in a whole new way with this fun Twist Anklet! Made of waxed nylon and featuring a Gold Plated Token as its centerpiece, this Anklet is fully adjustable and sure to look great on anyone. With an adjustable knot opposite the Token, this Anklet is easy to secure in place for your most comfortable fit.

This anklet has a discreet adjustable knot, making it easy to adjust to your most comfortable fit. The max circumference of the anklet measures 11.5 inches allowing you to put on or take off with ease!  

Letters, Numbers, & Symbols available:
Letters A-Z
Numbers 0-9
Symbols # @ = + ) ( / > - " . ? ! , ; : &
We also offer the following symbols to stamp on your piece: paw print, cross, survivor ribbon, star, heart, and peace sign.

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